A Fresh New Look for Spring

What Oxygeneo Is, And Its Benefits

Oxygeneo treatments are treatments you can get in almost any aesthetics salon, spa, or dermatology office. Some cosmetic surgeons may offer it as well. It is a non-invasive facial treatment delivered with two different wands connected to a beauty appliance for three phases of a single treatment. Most consumers find the treatment very relaxing, and it is definitely not painful. Here are some of the benefits of this wand appliance-applied facial.

Anyone With Any Skin Type Can Request It

Anyone with any skin type and/or any skin condition can request and receive this newest facial treatment. This includes people with keloid scars and people who cannot otherwise receive microdermabrasion treatments delivered via another method. People who would end up with very red or possibly irritated skin from chemical peels or rougher exfoliation instruments may also use Oxygeneo facial wands that are part of this facial procedure. 

Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Exfoliation is key for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Men who shave daily are able to exfoliate with every shave, but women do not generally shave their faces. Ergo, the only way to achieve the look of fewer wrinkles on female faces is to use some other form of daily or weekly exfoliation. Most facials include an exfoliation step. 


As you can guess from the name of this facial appliance, oxygenation comes into play. Adding fresh, pure oxygen to one's skin is nothing new. It is generally understood and accepted by the beauty community that pure oxygen removes free radicals from your skin that can age it and damage it. Fresh oxygen can also stimulate new cell growth, which, after the exfoliation process, helps to brighten and even the skin tone. You get a more glowing look with healthier skin after the oxygenation step in this type of facial. 

Direct Application of Nutrients for Healthier Skin

You could eat and drink your way to healthier skin, but sometimes taking nutrients directly to the source (i.e. your skin) is better. After the exfoliation process, your pores are open and ready to receive whatever sinks into them. Before any dirt from the environment around you gets in, this facial treatment applies a good liquid layer of nutrients that your pores and skin just soak up. This way, your skin gets a lot of what your daily diet is missing, and the effects go to work within a few days of absorption. You do not have to wait for the nutrients to be extracted from food and drink in your digestive tract and travel to your facial skin!