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The Fourth Dimension: How 4D Non-Surgical Facelifts Fit Within It

Most people are familiar with three dimensions. In the physical world, everything takes up space in different directions. It is was makes people and things three-dimensional. However, there is a theoretical fourth dimension. It is the concept of "spacetime." It is very interesting, then, that a new non-surgical facelift procedure has been dubbed "4D." Here is how the 4D non-surgical facelift fits within the concept of spacetime and why the procedure is so aptly named. 

Facelifts Turn Back the Clock

As you age, time changes you. It changes your face, your body, and your entire appearance. If you could age backward, the same holds true. However, since people cannot age backward, they use facelifts instead. Facelifts turn back the hands of time on your face by removing the signs of aging; wrinkles, sagging skin, and liver spots disappear. It is almost like you have found your own way to travel back through time when you see the results of a facelift procedure.

There are before and after pictures of surgical procedures. Yesterday, in the past, you had no facial scars in your pictures. Today, going forward, after a surgical procedure, you have scars. A 4D non-surgical facelift leaves NO scars, which means that your before and after pictures only reflect the reversal of time on your face. If you hold a photo of yourself from a decade or two before up to the present you, and the post-procedural you, it is exactly like a time warp with zero indication that time travel was not involved.

Why the 4D Name So Aptly Fits This Procedure

Yes, there are four procedures involved with recreating your 3D face. That is one reason or explanation doctors give for the name of this procedure. However, once you understand the basic concept of 4D, a.k.a., spacetime, the incredible age-reversing effects the procedure has on erasing time from your face suddenly rings true and fits with the concept of spacetime. Between reactivating collagen with heat applied to the inside and outside of your cheeks, tightening loose skin by stimulating the underlying muscles, plumping wrinkles to make them look less deep, and performing a laser skin peel to brighten the tone and unify the coloration of your skin, it is a sci-fi revolution with a time travel twist. Just ask the cosmetic surgeon to see some before and after photos of clients/patients who have had this set of procedures to see how it is done.